Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Corn Poppies & Corn Poppy Fields By Hikmet Cetinkaya-Izmit

Corn Poppies & Corn Poppy Fields By Hikmet Cetinkaya-Izmit

I got known Mr. Hikmet Cetinkaya for the first time at Tuyap Book and Art Exhibition in Istanbul. His oil painting tables were attracting people with vivid colors. He was focused and dedicated himself more on Corn Poppy Flowers and Corn Poppy Flower Fields. Corn Poppies were painted as if they are fresh and real just like you fingering up them from their saps.

At the start Hikmet Cetinkaya was so away from painting. He took education at Engineering and never like painting. One day everything was changed by an unexpected event and he turned his face to art. By one occasion, one of his picture depicting Corn Poppy Flowers was admired by Dutch Embassy members and he was invited to Holland and he opened an exhibition there…

He shared with us two anecdotes. One was from Japanese, in that says; life of human beings is just three days; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Yesterday was gone past, Today we experience it now and Tomorrow is uncertain. The lives of Corn Poppies are just three days just as it was said in Japanese proverb. So I am after depicting these precious natural beauty as far as I live, he concluded.

KASK: Sanat Galerisi: Hikmet Cetinkaya Gelincik Sergisi
Cocuk Parki Icı, Izmit-KocaeliTurkey

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