Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bahcecik [Bardizag]: Oldtimer Pictures of Izmit, Turkey

Mr. Greg [Krikor] Mukhalian with his pretty girl, The USA.

Bahcecik [Bardizag], Izmit City, Turkey during 1900.

Soguksu Picnic Area, Bahcecik [Bardizag], Izmit City, Turkey during 1900.

Bahcecik [Bardizag]: Oldtimer Pictures of Izmit, Turkey

I will share two pictures taken during 1900 at Bahcecik [Bardizag] during Ottoman times in Izmit City, Turkey. Those pictures are sent me by a friend of me, Mr. Greg [Krikor] Mukhalian, whose family was from Bahecik. Mukhalians now live in USA.

With his written consent, I have right of posting it for only and solely sharing knowledge and information about past times of our surrounding places and districts. However for whatever aims it could not be copied, recopied, distributed, redistributed, used or reused on any written documents, texts, undergraduate certificates,
bachelor's degrees, bachelor's levels, books or in any kind of digital or electronically environments, either they are regarded as profit-getting or non-profit getting or educational purposes.

Bahcecik District is an older Ottoman Armenian town, which takes place on the southern hillstop of Izmit City, Turkey. Its older name was Bardizag in Armenian. I do not know what stands for it! This town was resettled by Greek Exchange Migrants after 1924. Today it is, along its nearby dwelling places, a resort area, especially after Marmara Quake happened on Aug 17th, 1999.

Krikor [Grek] Mukhalian has come across a few pictures of Bahcecik I have taken on Internet. His granddad Krikor Mukhalian has left from there through Basiskele to Izmit Older Train Station. By train they have passed through Bilecik, Eskisehir and Konya for arriving to Israel. Afterwards they have gone to USA.

He has sent me two precious pictures of Bahcecik taken during 1900. The first one depicts Bahcecik’s general view and the latter shows today’s Soguksu Picnic Area. All thanks go to Krikor Mukhalian. I am obliged him for his kind sharing those pictures with us. He has reflected mirror to shed light on past times of Izmit and its villges.

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