Friday, December 26, 2008

Massacres Exerted By Imperialist States & Their Collaborator Armenians On Turks

Massacres Exerted By Imperialist States & Their Collaborator Armenians On Turks

Ottoman Armenians were living in peace with Ottoman Turks and other Non-Muslim Societies within various cities and places of Ottoman Empire. At the start and later years Eastern Roman [Byzantium] Greeks [Roums] have taken ladders to upper levels of Ottoman Administrations and every points regarded as important, at the middle of Ottoman Empire’s life span till to the last years of it, Armenians took places of Roums. Ottoman Jews after hoards of Jews took refuge from Spain, Portugal [Sepharads: means Spain in Jewish] and Germany-Poland [Ashkenazi: means Easterners or out of Germany in Jews] to Ottomans, Armenians would be left back by Jews.

There is a motto in Turkish “Millet-i Sadika: The loyalist non-Muslim Society” and “The most privileged non-Muslim Society” for Ottoman Armenians while Ottomans were at their superiority times. The magic was unbounded when Ottomans started to decline from power against Europe’s emerging Imperialist States, The Russian to he east and The USA to the far west.

When Ottomans started to retreat from power, endless and never satisfied lustiness of eastern, western and far western Imperialist States of firstly The Russia, U.K. or British Empire, France, Italy, Germany and The USA have upsurged. Immediately they started to get interested selling new machineries and steamships to Ottomans, later building rail lines starting from Balkan states to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Izmit, from Izmit to Sapak [Arifiye, Sakarya City] and to other cities till to Hejaz.

The first concessions were taken by Germans and this led British Empire and France come next for other places such as Izmir city and around districts, Kutahya, Balikesir, Bursa, and Bandirma. Kutahya, Afyon, Konya, Denizli and hinterland cities and places of Anatolia. After Germans, France and British also got many concessions from Ottomans for railways. The simple aim was getting more deeply in the farmlands and commercials and the markets to be created for their machineries.

These were not enough for Imperialist states, who await alert on the corner when Ottoman Empire would fall into dissolution. It was contrary to their impromptu expectation it took more time due to each Imperialist States gone into deep and pitiless rivalry over Ottomans among themselves. The Russian emerged alone all against Germany, Britain and France on Ottomans on Caucuses and Balkans. Britain was against Germany. Germany was against France. And there were vital interest in Balkans and Petroleum in Caucasia and those areas were under power of Ottomans. Then Ottoman Empire should ve dismantled immediately! But how!

By railways they crept deep into nearly every corners of Ottoman lands, was it enough? No, never! They used another way; Missionaries & Mission Schools. At Orthodoxy there is not any “Mission” understanding mean making “infidels”, “Muslims”, “other Christians” or “pagans” believed into credo of its own beliefs. Jews were never could be converted into Christian churches of Catholic or Protestant, Roums [Ottoman Greek origins] were Orthodox and never could leave their churches! What left back for those “Missionaries & Mission Schools”? Ottoman Armenians!

Many British, French, Italian and American Missionaries have got permissions from Ottoman Sultanate for establishing Mission Schools and Church nearly every corners of Roums and Armenians lived; Izmit, Istanbul, Antalya, Antakya, Iskenderun, Kayseri, Adana, Merzifon, Trabzon, Edirne, Adapazari and the likes. The most known ones were American Board Mission Movemnets & French Augustinians of the Assumptions. Their aims were never reaching “Good News” to “infidels” or “Muslim Ottomans”! It was simple so much; converting Ottoman Armenians first into their churches and beliefs, educate them, organize them and revolt them against Ottomans from inside like a “Thracian Horse” when they need their help!

After many Mission Churches and Schools get influenced into every aspects of Armenians & Roums, they multiplied churches and schools nearly smallest places such as Bahcecik [Bardizag] 6 Merzifon while at start Missionaries aimed the bigger cities in Ottoman Empire.

Balkan states of Slavic rooted revolted against Ottoman with great help of The Russia, the lands disappeared one by one from hands of Ottomans, millions of Turks forced to flee or migrations from Balkan states and Caucasia into Anatolia, but there were not any Mission Movements come helps of Muslim Migrants while they were flooding towards to Anatolia. Russia wanted Caucasia and Balkans but Britons, Germany and France resisted to that and supported Ottomans against Russia. The duration of Ottoman Dissolving got slowed down little bit time.

Up to the end of 19th century the Petroleum was not only in Caucasia but also in Middle East, in Arabic countries; Arabs also should got revolted against Ottomans; The Ottoman Empire should be divided among Imperialist States of Great Britain, Italy, France but non including Russia, in its place the newly emerging Imperialist State of The USA was more acceptable. The USA could interfere into events with Politics of Minorities and Mission Schools, with help ships, stretching its hands of helps with every kind of ammunitions and rifles to Armenians, with “International Women’s Hospitals”…

When the time reached to 1900s, at every corners of Anatolia, Ottoman Armenians got organized, established gangs equipped with firearms and many atrocious “Revolution Organizations” with great collaborations of The Russia on one hand in the eastern cities and dwelling places of Anatolia and in the other cities and dwelling places in the middle, southern, western and Aegean regions of Anatolia with Britons, French and American Invasion Armies on the other. They not only revolt and start massacre of Ottoman Soldiers and civilians inside at every corner of Anatolia but also clashed, attacked, killed, set fire with civilians and civilian villages and cities even if they were Roums or Armenians who were non-aligned.

Many Armenians clandestinely or openly organized under Russian, French and British army uniforms as “Voluntary Armenian Battalions” against Ottoman Army and Ottoman Turks. The insurrected and revolted Ottoman Armenians in great hope of “establishing their own “Greater Armenia” and never ever bringing the words of “Petroleum & Great Interests” of Imperialist States into their mind started killing, invading, setting fire, demolishing and massacre of Ottoman Turks with helps of invaders.

Ottoman Armenians never thought of “Vatanina ihanet etmek: Betrayal of his own country”! There is not any nation gained any merits in the world that betrayed to its country and deceived its own nation! In the end Ottoman Armenians only would get awards of saving their lives in the queues of Imperialist States’ Mission Help Centers and being accepted as migrants towards France, England, Germany or The USA but not into Russia.

The invader countries of Ottoman Empire and organizer and helper countries of Ottoman Armenians in Europe would have done so simple action; “Accepting Armenians and Roums into their countries” as a “debt of ransom” or “pangs of remorse”. Invader countries of Great Briton, Italy, France, Russia and Greece caused millions of Ottoman Turks killed with great help of Ottoman Armenians and Ottoman Roums.

Ottoman Empire dissolved and contracted into mere Anatolia retreating from all countries from Caucasia, Balkans & Middle East and millions of Turks forced to immediate movements of migrations from nearly all over world into safe heavens of Anatolia and those Missions Movements & Churches never cared for the lives and articles of Muslim Turks not any place, not any route and not any country, just simple reason Muslim Turks were mere “infields” for those Christian Missionaries & Charities Organizations.

The invader countries got witnessed one unexpected event on the day of October 17th 1917 happened in the Russian; “The Reds got a revolution”. The White Imperialist Russian Army dissolved and the invaded cities of Ottoman in the east either with inner Armenian collaborators or “Voluntary Armenian Battalions” got freed from Russians. The first fact-seer country was Italy, who was holding some sections of Anatolia invaded; Italians started finding ways to deal with Ottomans. It was followed suit by France and at the last Great Britain. The Greek invasion armies & Ottoman collaborator Roums at every place of Marmara & Aegean Regions with support, courage and help of British was left alone in the middle of way all alone! Like Ottoman Armenians were deserted by Russians, French, British and Italians.

When the times running after years and years “Cold War” Era started and Russia, who holding Russian Armenia under its “Bea Grip” wished using “Armenian Card” against “puppet country” of Turkey to “Capitalist World”; it was “Armenian Genocide”! “This falsified “Armenian Genocide” was used by first “Red Russian” and accepted by Europe countries and Americans against Turkey! Blood stained hands-owners were blaming Turks forgetting how many atrocities, mass-killings, massacres and exterminations they have done in India, Pakistan, North America, Middle America, South America, African Continent, and Hindo-China! And While USA caused to the lives of millions of Arabs in Iraq and more millions of Arab leaving their countries today’s Armenia caused massacres of Azerbaijani at Hkojali with support of Russia!

Neither Russia nor Western Imperialist Countries never think they have killed, massacred how millions of innocent people all over world while they are expanding their “Imperialist borders” and forcibly converting many nations into Christianity of Catholics & Protestant, getting accepted their cultures and languages starting from Northern, Middle and Southern Americas, all over African continent to the Middle East and further to Far East and Pacific Basin!

Better today’s Western Europe’s countries, The USA and Russia including Armenia & Diaspora Armenians wash their blood stained hands clean and make self-critic and give a start excusing from all descendants of people, whom their fore fathers killed, massacred and exterminated by themselves…